Sustainable Production

We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability in the film industry. Our protocol outlines our commitment to responsible production practices and serves as a guide for our team, vendors and partners.

We are Proud Members of Producers Guild of Norway and Green The Bid



Eco-friendly sets
We use eco-friendly building materials for sets and props and minimize waste by reusing or recycling whenever possible.
Paperless planning
Utilize digital tools for script revisions, storyboards, and communication to reduce paper consumption.
Sustainable production – eco friendly transportation
We use electric vehicles, or biodiesel for transportation. We work hard to set up a cost-effective transportation plan to minimize unnecessary driving.
Energy-efficient equipment
Use energy-efficient lighting, equipment, and generators to minimize energy consumption on set. We have implemented solar panel charged lithium battery generators to replace the old fossil fuel driven generators.
Water conservation
Minimize water usage on set and encourage responsible use by cast and crew.
Waste management and waste reduction
We have a strict no “single-use plastics” on set. Our sets have a waste separation and recycling program.
We donate usable set materials and props to local charities or reuse them in future productions. Our left-over lunches go to local charities.
Sustainable catering – local and organic
We always source catering from local and organic suppliers to support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint of food production.
Continuous learning
We strive to stay updated on the latest sustainable technologies and practices in the film industry.