About us

About us

Extensive experience with large and complex productions

Decades of experience from global franchises within feature film, tv drama, reality and commercials

We specialize in solving intricate logistics on remote locations, urban areas, and everything in between. Whether you want to film in the busiest streets of Oslo or at the top of a mountain only accessible by helicopter, our team has in-depth knowledge about permitting, crowd control and laws which apply.

We have...

  • We have done a full season of 24/7 unscripted reality - running 3 shifts per day.
  • We have built production bases on cliffs only accessible by helicopter.
  • We have filmed on Svalbard with polar bears lurking around our set, and shot underwater scenes amongst walruses.
  • We have filmed horse galloping scenes with a full feature film crew out on a frozen lake, 1000 meters above sea level.
  • We have shot on large fishing vessels in the Barents sea in the complete darkness of the Arctic winter.
  • And we've serviced Gordon Ramsay without being yelled at.

Our services

  • research
  • visas
  • carnets
  • work permits
  • Scouting
  • 360 location management (visual, infrastructure, tax incentives)
  • Unit base management
  • Permits
  • Communication with local and national authorities
  • budget & scheduling
  • insurances
  • crew hire
  • equipment hire
  • all logistics
  • ground transportation
  • accommodation and meals
  • air travels
  • call sheets
  • permits
  • dispensation
  • national parks and other protective areas

Film in Norway can handle all prep and application for the national tax incentive and administer the accounting and reporting. Making it easy for you to claim your tax refund.