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Norwegian crew speaks fluent English, and often a second foreign language. Norway has seen an influx of international co-productions in recent years, and even Norwegian film sets are oftentimes run in English.
Norway produces about 25 feature films (fiction) per year with a budget range of NOK 15 to NOK 100 million ($2m – $12m), as well as 7-10 minority co-productions. Over the years, Norway has garnered a reputation of delivering high production value on modest budgets.

Norwegian film crews are committed, flexible, and well organised, which allows for smaller crews compared to European standards. Norwegian crews have a high work ethic. In Norway in general, punctuality is very much appreciated both for business and for social occasions. You will find that Norwegians arrive for appointments on time, and oftentimes a few minutes early.

In general, the Norwegian film industry is very budget-conscious: With a population of just five million, domestic film budgets are small. As a positive consequence production crews, vfx and post-production teams are extremely efficient and creative.

No production is too small or too big! Film in Norway provides service to all types of media projects – commercial shoots, photo shoots, feature films, television, corporate video content and music videos.