Getting there and back again

Land of the fjords

Norway is acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is the land of the winter sun and ice fjords and pure natural beauty. Most filmmakers are surprised when becoming aware of the country’s infrastructure and accessibility to unique locations. These are key elements that facilitate production for any purpose, while also providing the most astonishing and distinctive locations.

Great infrastructure gives limitless accessibility

The infrastructure in Norway is unique. The road network gives you the opportunity to drive almost anywhere. Being a country of scattered habitation, the roads are highly necessary to maintain Norway’s rural areas. This serves as a huge advantage for filming in Norway, as equipment and crew can be transported almost anywhere by car.
Our experienced team has conducted several productions spread throughout the country, where we ensure the most fitting transportation. Whether it is by car or helicopter, we make sure to facilitate access almost regardless of the location, ensuring efficiency at all levels.

Efficient productions

During our many productions, we have had to shut down roads and traffic, get access to national parks and grant permission to fly with helicopters within a few days notice. These are obstacles that some countries cannot solve within time limits often required by the client. This offers yet another reason to choose Norway as your next location, because there are fewer links between the decision makers and us. Hence, our widely developed network is set to organize demands of great variations.

During our production for Volvo, we shut down the traffic on the Atlantic Ocean Road to shoot amazing scenes on the spectacular road through an archipelago in the mid-west region of Norway. Most municipalities are excited to be part of an international production, and are efficient in handling requests we make.

No production is too small or too big! Film in Norway provides service to all types of media projects – commercial shoots, photo shoots, feature films, television, corporate video content and music videos.