Filming in Norway and Covid-19 info

Link to the government’s information page:

Direct link to the travel information page:

Is there currently a government mandate shutting down production in your jurisdiction?

Are there travel restrictions coming into the country?
Yes, temporary entry and exit controls are introduced at the internal Schengen border. Exemptions for EEA citizens who work in Norway.

Are there travel restrictions within your jurisdiction?
Yes, some municipalities have issued a 14-day quarantine. Get in touch for information on that.

Are there limits on the number of people who can congregate/work in one place?
Varies at municipal level from 10 to 500. In general: Groups of people must keep a 1 meter distance, and the organiser must provide hygiene facilities.

Are you aware of any locations temporarily shut down to filming?
No, get in touch for information.

Additional Information:

With the corona virus, and the bear market in oil, the Norwegian currency, NOK, is currently at an all-time low – down 33% since January 2020 against both USD and EUR.

No production is too small or too big! Film in Norway provides service to all types of media projects – commercial shoots, photo shoots, feature films, television, corporate video content and music videos.