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How bad is the jet lag?

In the north during summer we have 24 hours of sun! In the winter we have 24 hours of arctic blue light – the arctic night. So yes, expect to sometimes wonder what time of day it is!

Norway standard time is the same as European standard time, which means we are ahead/behind the following cities by the given number of hours (from October 28th until March 25th add/deduct 1 hour for “daylight saving”)

Seoul, Tokyo 7 hours behind
Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai 6 hours behind

Bangkok Jakarta 5 hours behind
Moscow 3,5 hours behind
Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome Same – European standard time
London 1 hour ahead
New York 6 hours ahead
Chicago 7 hours ahead
Los Angeles, Vancouver 9 hours ahead

No production is too small or too big! Film in Norway provides service to all types of media projects – commercial shoots, photo shoots, feature films, television, corporate video content and music videos.