Chinese movie shoots on location in Norway

Our second Chinese production was shot in Norway winter of 2015 . “Artificial sunlight” is the story about a Norwegian lawyer and a Chinese nurse who decide to build a sun mirror to add some light to the old people in the village of Rjukan.

The story about Rjukan

Deep in its east-west valley, surrounded by towering mountains, Rjukan and its 3,400 inhabitants are in shadow for half the year. High on the mountain opposite, 450 metres above the town, three large, solar-powered, computer-controlled mirrors steadily track the movement of the sun across the sky, reflecting its rays down on to the square and bathing it in bright sunlight. The Chinese filmmakers were so fascinated by this; they chose to adapt the story to Rjukan and the sun mirror. To be fair, there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world, and made a perfect element to the story.

From a mountain plateau to the west coast

During one of our latest productions, our client requested dog sledging up north, mountain biking on the west coast, and sailing out on the open sea. In a country where there is winter and summer in various parts of the country during May and June, we were able to find the perfect locations.
Apart from our spectacular scenery such as glaciers, the northern light, scenic cliffs and the midnight sun, Norway also offers somewhat unknown locations. Farm roads, winding roads, fields, plateaus, fisherman huts, archipelagos, forts and both ancient and modern architecture are all greatly represented. In addition, our nature is filled with mountains, fjords, valleys, waterfalls and an elongated coastline. In other words, Norway does not only present remarkable nature, but is suited for productions with a great variety.

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