Car commercial shoots on the Golden Coast of Norway

Film in Norway service produced the film for the new Volvo XC60 for production company Edithouse and the acclaimed ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors.


This time we scouted and found locations at the coast of Helgeland, one of
Norway’s hidden treasures located under the Artic Circle in the southern part of Northern Norway. Helgeland is an idyllic region with a rich history that includes the mountain range “Seven Sisters” consisting of 7 magnificent peaks, a truly stunning backdrop for our shots. With more than 10 000 islands and miles of white beaches, its unique nature made Helgeland a perfect location for Volvo.


During shooting we were able to move efficiently between different locations, shut down traffic and temporarily enable roadblocks with the help from Helgelands locals. We chartered ferries to connect us to the islands, which enabled our whole production team to easily move around. This world-class summer paradise is home to some of Norway’s biggest glaciers and lakes, adventurous mountains and local residents, with a deep cultural heritage of agriculture and fishing that dates back to the Stone Age.


Our well-experienced crew shot the Volvo driving on epic bridges and beautiful and curvy mountain roads with acute angles surrounded by deep forest landscape.

We also shot magnificent lifestyle scenes at sunset, with sun light reflecting beautifully in the water. The Norwegian sun set give hours of the arctic light that are loved by directors and DOPs alike.

Watch the finished commercial here:

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