Film incentive in Norway increases

Film incentive

In 2015 the Norwegian Government introduced a system of incentives for film productions, as a measure towards attracting international ventures. The incentive gives up to 25 percent reimbursement on expenses for international film and TV productions, fully or partially shot in Norway. This has shown to be successful with a result of several big, international film productions in Norway, such as «The Snowman» and «Downsizing».

Announcing increase in state budget

The Norwegian Government announced its state budget for 2017. The budget shows an increase at NOK 11 million (approximately 1,5 million USD) for the incentive. This increase makes the scheme more competitive to other incentive schemes, and it will gradually help build a sustainable production environment in Norway. Exciting time for the industry!

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Film in Norway helped secured a 6,6 million NOK refund for the British movie The Bird Catcher in 2017.