Norway launches film incentives

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The Norwegian Government is set to introduce a system of incentives for film productions, as a measure towards attracting international ventures. Film in Norway is delighted to welcome a long awaited scheme.

Norway has always been projected as a country perfect for film productions, with its beautiful, raw and majestic scenery. The scattered habitation with its unique infrastructure is tailored to welcome international productions, although Norway’s lack of film incentives has prevented the hype.

At a press conference on May 29th in Oslo, the Norwegian culture minister, Thorhild Widvey, announced the new scheme to be effected in 2016. Although the details are yet to be defined, it will include reimbursement of costs incurred during a film’s production in Norway.

Film production company

Film in Norway is a specialised service production company that work with foreign productions for commercials, TV and movies, despite the lack of film incentives. Our transparent and competitive pricing and professional team present a great offer to producers who require tailor-made solutions and unique locations. The most recent is “Artificial sunlight”, a Chinese movie shot at Hotel Dalen in Telemark,, the small town of Rjukan and the arctic city of Tromsø. The film incentives will further strengthen our competitive advantage as a nation, but also as a company with years of experience.